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These Are The Brunch Necessities, The Simple Brunch Necessities

We love brunch. We love going out for brunch, we love having people over for brunch. And, let's be honest here, mostly we love being invited for brunch. Roll out of bed and out the door and someone feeds you something delicious. 

We created this Brunch In A Bag taster in honor of all the best brunches. You can send this to someone who needs a Sunday morning break (including yourself). You can bring this as a hostess gift if you're lucky enough to be invited out. You can treat yourself.

It's got a great mix of our morning favorites: a horse-kickingly strong yet smooth Ethiopia Yirge Cheffe Whole Bean Coffee to get things started, a perfectly briny Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and jar of Mean Beans Spicy Green Beans for stirring said Bloody, a fabulous, pumpkin seed-studded Barely Sweet Berkshire Granola, the best Blueberry Lemon Jam and a lusciously creamy, whipped Honey Maple Cream for slathering on whatever pancakes, waffles or muffins that may come your way.

Forget about your worries and your strife.

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