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This Valentine’s Day Breakfast Gift Bag Is Really Good In Bed

You’re lying in bed under the blanket when all of a sudden, you hear a frantic clanging and clinking from the hallway. Your eyes open, the door swings wide and a carefully-arranged tray is proudly presented.

What is it about an already-brewed hot mug of coffee and a plate full of breakfast you didn’t know was coming that makes a mom, dad, or any loved one, so very, very pleased?

Please them even more with Breakfast In Bed, Mouth-styleIndie coffee with hints of zesty lemon and curlicue cocoa, gluten-free granola, homemade pop tarts and raspberry lime jam and honey maple cream perfect for topping scones or pancakes. This is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift whether you’re trying to woo that special someone (food is at least one key to their heart!) or having a cozy, family celebration (the kiddos will love getting a taste of these sweet breakfast treats).

Handwritten notes available. Homemade drawing or free back-massage coupon not included.

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