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Time To Get Your Bourb-On, People

Less than 10 years ago, bourbon was almost exclusively made in Kentucky by huge companies. But it can legally be made anywhere else in the country, so these days, there are hundreds of indie distillers in dozens of states making their own innovative styles. And frankly, some of the most exciting craft bourbons are being made outside the Bluegrass State, off the well-beaten trail.

Our Bourbon Every Month subscription showcases the absolute best small-batch bourbons from passionate distillers across the great U.S. of A.

Whether you’re sipping it straight or mixing into your favorite cocktails, you’ll be totally inspired month after month. 

Here’s an example of what might show up in your monthly box:

New Holland Artisan Spirits' rich and smooth Beer Barrel Bourbon (finished in stout barrels!), FEW Spirits' classic Bourbon Whiskey with hints of sweet caramel, smooth wheat and black pepper spice, Breckenridge from Breckenridge Distillery, with a remarkably high percentage of rye (for more spice and less sweetness) and Watershed Bourbon from Watershed Distillery, with 5% spelt for a distinctively Ohioan take on America's national spirit.

Get your bourb-on, people!

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