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BOO! Our Halloween Collection is here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas yet… Halloween! Also known as that month (okay, day?) when we can eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no one can judge. (Even our dentist has a candy bowl out in October.)

Behold, our small-batch, spooky sweet Halloween collection! Bring on the sugar high…

We’ve got scary good chocolate in festive shapes - Spider Webs, Chocolate Hazelnut Skulls and even Day of the Dead Pops (so beautiful you’ll freak). Spooktacular treats like PB&J Chocolate Eyeballs filled with French raspberry paté de fruit and salty-sweet peanut praline, solid dark chocolate Jack O'Lantern Chocolate Pops and fruity and tart Organic Gummy Worms (last we checked, artificial does NOT = delicious).

Going to a party? Treat your host to one of our drop-dead gift bags! Does your best friend hold an annual Halloween costume contest? Bring our Tricks ‘n Treats bag filled with six of the most faBOOlous goodies. Or is your cousin a Halloween hipster? They’ll love our very indie Mouth indie Chocolate Bars (sooo not mainstream). Does your work colleague have a huge sweet tooth (but sometimes acts a little sour)? Our CandyLand bag is stuffed with marshmallow clouds, salt water taffy, maple bacon lollipops, and naturally flavored gumdrops (Princess Lolly and Lord Licorice not included).

Raise the bar with our chocolate tricks. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar (dunked in chocolate), The Kitchen Sink Bar (yep, it’s got peanut butter, pretzels, crisped rice, milk chocolate and caramel) and our Mouth-made Toffee Crunch Bar will even make the houses giving away king-sizes jealous.

Looking for more spine-tingling candy upgrades? Hoard these Bacon PB Cups (Yes! Bacon!!), Chocolate Malt Balls dusted in powdered sugar and peanuts and caramel – so good you’ll scream.

Of course, we didn’t forget to include some vampire-killers. Go ahead and pull out your Buffy costume, because we’ve got Garlic Bacon, Garlic Dills (what isn’t improved by garlic, be honest) and Garlic Dry Rub. You weren’t planning on kissing anyone, were you? 

What are you waiting for? Fill your bag with treats! It’s a total freak show.

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