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Flowers + Sweets, A Valentine’s Day Gift That Can’t Be Beat

This Valentine’s Day, give ‘em a gift that can’t be beat: the winning combo of Flowers + Sweets.

Everybody loves a little sugar on V-Day, and there’s no better way to deliver it than with this goodie bag of darling, bite-sized treats. And because a Valentine’s Day without flowers is like a rom-com without John Cusack, we’ve included those, too.

Indie sweet somethings include playful Milk Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers that (finally) escaped the circus, buttery Raspberry Cave Cookies made by Swedish bakery Unna Bakery in Harlem, New York, a lusciously rich Heart-Shaped Chocolate Lollipop to let them know your heart is in the right place, cute-as-a-button X&O Candies, a Chocolate Chip Blondie from Greyston Bakery that has more fun and a uniquely sweet, fluffy Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookie made by Malvi in Atlanta, Georgia. 

With the addition of a beautiful bunch of tulips from BloomThat, you’re sure to be lip to lip in no time.

Send this sweet gift to your bae who’s traveling for work, or surprise them at their front door. However you, ahem, say it*, this gift bag full of darling, bite-sized treats plus a gorgeous bouquet from BloomThat is sure to set their hearts aflutter. Boom box not included.*


P.S. The limited-edition bouquet in this gift will begin shipping Monday, February 6. Place your order by 5 pm on Sunday, February 12 for delivery by Tuesday, February 14. The blooms will ship within 2 days of placing your order (orders placed over the weekend will ship on Monday of the next week) and take 1 business day to arrive at the delivery address. Also, please note: BloomThat flowers will arrive in a separate box from Mouth products. So they get to open 2 gifts for the price of 1!

*Free advice: “Say Anything” is a good movie to watch on V-Day. Just…saying.

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