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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!

Ouija boards, “light as feather, stiff as a board,” scary stories by the fire… We’ve all dabbled. But it’s time to grow up and get serious. It’s time to summon Bloody Mary.

You may be familiar with her: Bloody Mary is a ghost (or is “spirit” more politically correct?) who, if you call her name three times, will appear in a mirror and show you the future. Back in the day, the ritual was performed by young women who wanted to catch a glimpse of their future husband’s face. (Pre Tinder.) Depending on variations of the legend, her apparition is either benign or malevolent, but if we recall our own personal experiences with her in the bathroom at recess, she’s downright evil.

Well, we may not be Bloody Mary, but we do know your future: this Bloody Mary Kit.

Don't be fooled by the weak, watery drinks of bottomless brunches and airport lounges. Since day one here at Mouth, we've been obsessed with sourcing just the right indie-gredients for a perfect Bloody Mary. When each of these awesome jars and bottles came across our tasting table, we were reminded that perfectionism pays off.

Each taster comes packed with two Bloody Mary mixes (each slightly different but equally extraordinary – one for the hot heads, one for those that like a little more brine), a bottle of brilliant Potato Vodka, a bottle of oh-so-trendy White Pike Whiskey*, Spicy Green Bean Pickles for stirring and garnishing, Extra Hot Pepper Sauce and Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt to rim the glass (for best results, crush slightly with mortar and pestle, or grind in a pepper mill). The many combination possibilities means you might just have to invite your friends over for brunch a couple weeks in a row. 

And who knows? Break out this kit at your next Halloween party – a couple in, and you might have enough liquid courage to try and summon Bloody Mary for real.

*White whiskey never sees the inside of a barrel, so it’s clear, but because it’s made from malted barley and corn it’s still got a nice weight and sweetness to it – you’d never mistake it for vodka, yet you can use it in all kinds of drinks where aged whiskey would be all wrong. Behold, a whiskey that's versatile for mixing in cocktails but still interesting enough to sip straight. A win-win.

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