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3 Small-Batch Goodies To Eat At Your Oktoberfest Celebration

We’re celebrating Oktoberfest Mouth-style, which is to say, pairing small-batch, artisanal goodies made with beer while drinking a lot of beer. So meta.

Yep, if you thought beer didn’t get better than, well, beer, you haven’t had beer-spiked goodies made by independent makers across the U.S. You know what makes every pint better? Beer and caramel pretzel nuggets. You know what makes any plate of schnitzel better? Hefeweizen-spiked pickles. And you know what 100% makes any plate of strong German cheese better? Apple stout jam. 

Behold, the three best beer snacks to eat while you drink… because more of a good thing is a very good thing:


The only thing better than drinking a beer while eating a soft Bavarian pretzel with mustard is getting all of that goodness in one bite. Yep, Roni Sue Chocolates' caramel-coated pretzel bites topped with candied mustard seed just changed your bar snack game forever.


Hefeweizen! No, we’re not sneezing. That’s the beer Preservation & Co. adds to this signature brine, and we think they’re pretty weize for using a fermented beverage to preserve fresh veggies. Pairs perfectly with schnitzel and, you guessed it, a pint of Hefeweizen!  


Three Little Figs simmers apples with onions in a rich mix of craft stout beer, cider vinegar, coffee, blackstrap molasses, currants and spices. This deeply flavored, sticky jam goes great with all German fare, from bratwurst to strong cheeses to beer. Obviously. 


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