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This Pork-A-Licious Collection Of Goodies Is Bacon Us Crazy

Oooooh bacon.

What can we say that hasn't been said? Crispy, salty, smoky. A little sweet. Bacon is the stuff that culinary dreams are made of and the savior of many an otherwise-meh dish. And, in case you haven't heard, it goes with everything!

This collection of small-batch goodies is so pork-a-licious it’s Bacon Me Crazy:

Go whole hog with our best-selling, fluffy-sticky Bacon Kettle Popcorn, a savory, game-changing Fennel + Black Pepper Bacon Jam and a salty-sweet Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar. Then go extra crazy with crispy Kettle-Cooked Spicy Pork Skins, thin-as-glass, smoky-sweet Maple Bacon Lollipops and, last but not least, the best thick-cut Dry Cured Maple Bacon we’ve ever had.

These treats make a tasty, witty delivery for anyone who you want to send to pig heaven. Your valentine who loves to swine, perhaps? 


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