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Skip The Line And Use This Spread To Make Artichoke's Pizza At Home

New York's famous sliceria Artichoke Pizza slathers their pies with a thick layer of artichoke spread – it's so popular there's a line of people 'til 2 am. Thanks to our friend Nancy Wekselbaum’s Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade, we can finally skip the queue and get our fix at home!

Nancy has been passionate about food since she was a kid. For years, her love of cooking mostly benefited her inner circle. But one night, during a particularly rough storm, the power went out as it often does in her small Connecticut town. She called a neighbor who lived alone and said, "Come on over, we have a generator, I'm making steak."

Nancy served that steak with a delicious homemade chutney and the friend raved that it was so good Nancy should sell it. It set off sparks at this moment in Nancy's life. She launched into action, devised a plan and – after nine months of research and experimenting in the kitchen – The Gracious Gourmet was born.

The Gracious Gourmet now sells about 20 products. Nancy's goal is to keep food healthy – all of her products are lower in sugar, salt and oil than most dips and spreads. She still develops and realizes the recipes in her home kitchen in Bridgeport, Connecticut with the goal of making cooking at home easier. "People love good food but no one has time to cook anymore. My products can help people prepare dinners that are delicious but use short cuts."

In this sun-kissed, addictive spread, Parmesan enhances the flavor of the artichoke without smothering it. The result is a tapenade so fresh and unique, it could practically come straight from a handsome Italian's antipasti spread.

Our most recent, quick dinner obsession: spreading a thick layer of Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade on raw pizza dough (that we buy at Trader Joe’s) and baking it with chicken and black olives. Or, if turning on the oven seems like too much work, busting it out to upgrade our local takeout. 

It's amore. 

It's #NationalPizzaWeek! To celebrate, we're 1. Eating a lot of pizza and 2. Talking about pizza all week. Don't miss our last #MOUTHwatering post about our obsession with Garlic Hot Sauce on, yep, pizza


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