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The Art Of Stacking: Crackers, Cheese, Spreads and Salami

Whether working with rocks, firewood or crackers, there’s an art to stacking. It’s all about balance.

We take our work as professional snackers very seriously and are always attempting to build the perfect bite. Plain old cheese on crackers just doesn’t cut it anymore - not for parties, not for snack time, not ever really. No, ever since our eyes were opened to the wonder of spreads, cured meats and other indie goodies, we’ve been dreaming up super snack stackers that pack a whole sandwich worth of flavor into one (two if you’re dainty) bite. Cheese - and we can’t believe we are about this write this – may not even be involved.

Ready to stack between meals? 

Muffuletta: Caramelized Onion Crisps + A Barndance + Green Olive Tapenade + Mini Salami takes you on a trip to the Big Easy without having to leave the couch. Layer mini salami slices like overlapping tiles so that you can really pile them on.

Beer Brat: Porter Beer Flat Crackers + Beer Salami + Smooth Whole Grain Mustard + Candied Jalapeño tastes every bit like the smothered, brew-sy brats that warm you up for the big game. Add a tangle of sauerkraut for extra oomph. 

Bagel n’ Lox: Sesame Lavash + schmear of Weybridge Cheese + Peppered King Salmon Jerky satisfies that Sunday morning craving without the standing in line. Just think: You might actually get through the whole newspaper this way.

BLT: Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers + Tomato Tapas Jam + a few pieces of wild arugula + Applewood Uncured Bacon Jerky lets summer live on well after tomato season. Double-deckering encouraged.   

Prosciutto Panino: Rosemary & Lemon Crackers + Fig Jam + Prosciutto Americano is a sweet-and-savory match made in, well, la dolce vita. Finishing with a curl of that king of cheeses, Parmigiano-Reggiano, wouldn't hurt, either.

Black Pudding: Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread + Black & Blue Jam + Chocolate Salami might look frightful, but the combination of deep, dark chocolate with brambly berries is downright delightful.

Now you can get your snack on and keep your hands free to dominate in Jenga.

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