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A Chocolate Heart To Let Them Know *Your* Heart Is In The Right Place

For when “love” is too weak a word for what you feel, try another tongue: l’amour, rakkaus, liebe, amoreAmor!

This stunning, 74% dark chocolate Amor Chocolate Heart features a soaring swallow, blooming flowers and a sweeping engraved banner. Portland’s Alma Chocolate pours dark Dominican chocolate into custom handmade molds, then hand-gilds each icon with edible 23-karat gold leaf. It’s drop-dead gorgeous. 

Sarah Hart, the founder, first started cooking with her mom, back in Springfield, Missouri. She then learned the craft of chocolate from working with Ian Titterton (formerly of Moonstruck Chocolates) for 10 years, long before artisanal chocolate was a “thing.” He taught her the beauty of marrying excellent technical skills with creative passion – a philosophy she carries with her every day.

This Valentine’s Day, let them know your heart is in the right place and surprise them with this Amor Chocolate Heart.

It’s a particularly sweet gift for any fan of romantic gestures, shiny things or chocolate.

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