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Product Of The Day: Mouth Muddler

We may no longer get to spend all our allowance on toys, but adulthood comes with some privileges, like making fancy cocktails with this fun Mouth Muddler that lets you smash things.

Without a doubt, the best perk about being all grown-up is getting to make drinks that soften the edges of a long day (and even get our aggressions out in doing so). Well, roughing up herbs and fruits for cocktails just took on an actually elegant air with this hand turned, solid-wood muddler modeled after police nightsticks.

State-shaped wooden cutting boards were what Brooklyn-based husband-and-wife team Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat first created in 2010 with no big plans beyond a way to serve cheese to their guests while showcasing their home states. People loved them, AHeirloom was born, and in 2014, the Mowats launched a small line of personalized housewares too.

Stylishly reinforced with Corian (pretty countertop material!) and sporting a grooved tip, this brunette-ish walnut, must-have bar tool effortlessly coaxes flavor out of your garden-grown mint (or basil or thyme) without totally bludgeoning it. And at eight inches, it’s long enough to work inside a cocktail shaker too.

And it’ll barely put a dent in your piggy bank.
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