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4 Wines For Friendsgiving (All $25 or Under!)

November weekends have filled up with Friendsgivings and we can barely contain ourselves! What’s better than a delicious Thanksgiving feast without the family drama?

While we’d love to bring our famous mashed potatoes to each one of them, life gets too crazy leading up to the holidays, and we know we won’t be able to swing it. Do what I do and impress your friends with a bottle or two of outstanding yet affordable American-made wine, something they wouldn’t be able to find in their local liquor store. As we all know, there’s no such thing as too much wine. They will surely be thank-full.


Verdelho “Que Saudade” 2013, $25:
This full-bodied Verdelho is bright with beautiful floral notes. There’s wonderful acidity – a perfect match for Thanksgiving classics. Forlorn Hope’s winemaker, Matthew Rorick, found his passion for wine while sharing it during meals and conversations around his grandfather’s table. That’s what this holiday is all about!

Poco A Poco Mendocino County Chardonnay 2014, $20:
Our go-to turkey white! It’s energetic with notes of lemon and a hint of pineapple – a refreshing, food-friendly stunner. Porter Bass Estate, the maker, uses biodynamic and organic farming practices, meaning they use as little intervention as possible to create a wine that is a true expression of the grapes.


Tendu Red Wine, $23:
A bottle made for everyone – even those who claim they aren’t wine people! Tendu is fruity, fresh and easy to drink. Steve Matthiasson makes it from a blend of Aglianico, Montepulciano and Barbera grapes grown at the Windmill Vineyard in Yolo County, California. (Yes, that’s a real place!) And if none of this convinces you, it comes in a one-liter bottle.

Bebame Sierra Foothills Blend, $25:
Bebame's, founder, Don Heistuman, made it his mission to create Old World wine that's low in alcohol and food-friendly while maintaining its strong character. That’s exactly what he’s done. This light-bodied Cabarnet Franc and Gamay blend is easy to sip all night long. We recommend chilling it about 30 minutes before serving.

Cheers and happy Friendsgiving!

P.S. Not into wine? We won’t judge. Bring pie. Everyone loves pie.

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