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3 Easy Appetizers To Make This Super Bowl Sunday

Sure, there’s a game going on, but for us, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food. Still, between yelling at the television and being gracious hosts (aka endlessly refilling Solo cups with beer), we usually only have time to make dishes that come together quickly – especially because we always need to re-up at halftime.

Enter, these three super easy chip-dip combos:

An Easy Super Bowl Dip To Tackle
Break out our four-layer dip made with sour cream, tomatoes, cilantro and Bacon Jam and you’re sure to win the Host With The Most trophy.

Kick Off With These No-Bake Nachos
We’re not turning on the stove if we can help it. These No-Bake Nachos require basically zero prep – just assemble, set out on the coffee table, and get away from the line of scrimmage. 

BBQ Chips And Blue Cheese Dip = The New Super Bowl Classic
This Carolina Dirt BBQ Kettle Chip and Blue Cheese Powder dip pairing is your next party appetizer staple. It takes five seconds to make and will score you major host (or guest!) points. 

Now, who’s playing again?

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