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A Valentine’s Day Treat For Someone You Love A Choco-lot

Oh my goodness, it’s almost here! Less than two weeks until the big day! February 14th – Chocolate Appreciation Day!

Single? Taken? Who cares! This is a holiday everyone can indulge in. A whole day where it’s absolutely acceptable (applauded, even) to spend a solid 24 hours eating chocolate. To prepare, we’ve been doing some really tough research (read: endless taste testing) with a big pile of indie chocolate. Behold, one of our absolute favorites... 

Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers are hand-dipped in tempered chocolate (53% cacao) then topped with a sprinkle of fleur de sel. It’s a delicious afternoon snack – decadent, but not too unhealthy. Be forewarned – the sprinkle of salt is addicting and makes it difficult not to eat all four in one sitting.

For Justine, founder of Nunu Chocolates, the love of chocolate comes second to the scientific process of making it. She loves that it’s sensitive to temperature and humidity. “You think you can control it and you can’t. You have to manipulate it.” Nunu uses a single-origin cocoa bean derived from a Trinitario and Criollo hybrid that she sources from a sustainable, family-run farm in eastern Colombia.

This cute little box is the perfect gift for your valentine, a chocoholic you love a choco-lot or for a guy named Graham. Or Teddy.

Added bonus: they’re totally Insta-graham-able.

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