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How To Pair Wine With Candy Like A Damn Adult

We love candy. We love wine. So why not enjoy them together? Candy is definitely not just for kids (duh!), and to prove just how grown up it can be in the run-up to Halloween, we decided to pair our favorite fine wines with some of our most awesome indie treats. No, this isn’t a trick.

Behold: our favorite sweet, boozy juxtapositions a pairing for every palate!

Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc + Organic Gummy Candy Bears Feeling fruity? This combo is the one. The wine is bursting with funky aromas of tropical pineapple and passionfruit, while these organic Gummy Bears are naturally sweetened with blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and cherry so, it’s practically like eating fruit salad! On a beach! On a tropical island! What more could you want?

Gewürztraminer + Organic Gummy Worms – Gewurtz is the ultimate serial dater. But, to be fair, he brings out the best in everyone (even someone who is a little sour). #relationshipgoals. The sweetness of the peach and melon in this wine will balance out the hint of sour in these tangerine, sour apple and grapefruit gummy worms. Opposites attract, right?

Naucratis + Honey Bee Candies Uh, huh honey! These honey candies bring out notes of floral honey in this white wine, while the flavors of stone fruit will add a little complexity to this pairing. We like to imagine Queen Bey herself as a fan of this bee-licious combo. Get buzzed.

L’Enfant Sauvage Chardonnay + Landmarc Caramels If you find yourself constantly alternating between sweet and salty, you’ll love this mash-up. The wine is round and buttery (it almost has hints of fresh-baked brioche), so together, this combo tastes like buttery caramel corn  and we think it’s just as addicting! Just be careful trying to sneak it into a movie theater…

Grapes of Roth Merlot + Deep Dark Chocolate Chews  Go big and go bold! We couldn’t resist pairing something chocolatey with a red wine. Despite what you may have been told at your last winery tasting, only darker chocolate can hold its own with a hearty glass of red, which is why we love sipping on a great merlot while taking in this chewy, dark chocolate. Scary good.

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