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NEW! We’ve Got Meat, Rarin’ To Go For Dad

Just in time for grilling season and Father’s Day, we’re thrilled to offer Lone Mountain’s incredible Wagyu steaks, sausages and burgers. They’re all from 100% full-blood Wagyu (and 100% happy) cows that graze on a sprawling plot of non-irrigated pasture in New Mexico.

Wagyu is a world-renowned Japanese cattle breed, prized for its “marbling” – flavorful fat content distributed throughout the beef. When cooked, that marbling creates a sweet, buttery flavor that only needs a quick dash of sea salt and black pepper to really shine.

Send Dad one of three juicy gifts to put the flavors of a luxury steakhouse right at his fingertips:

SAUSAGE & HAMBURGER GRILL SET: 8 beef sausage links with pork casing weigh in at a ¼ lb each; preformed hamburger patties weighing at a ½ lb each

Dad’ll want to get sizzling grill marks on those sausages, tuck them into thick Kaiser rolls with sliced Swiss cheese and top them with a dollop of Apple Stout Jam. We’re sure he knows how he likes his hamburgers, too – those’ll go great with a swipe of Sriracha Mayo and a few fingers of Zeppelin Bend Straight Whiskey

4 SIRLOIN STEAK SET: 4 sirloin steaks weighing 8 oz each and measuring 2 inches thick

He can brush them with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and broil for four to six minutes on each side (or grill for six to eight) for medium-rare steaks. Indie pairings: Coffee Dry Rub and Ragtime Rye Whiskey!

HAMBURGER & STEAK GRILL SET: 2 lbs ground beef; 2 ribeye steaks weighing 16 oz each and measuring 1.5” thick

Once the steaks are grilled and rested to re-absorb their flavorful juices, Dad can slice ’em thick and drizzle with garlicky Chimichurri Sauce. When his friends come sniffing around, a slice of salty, creamy Hunter Cheddar on each hamburger will really blow them away!

Order now and your Lone Mountain products will arrive by Friday, 6/17! Wagyu waiting for? Get a moooooooove on!