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The Sweet Smell Of Success: TruBee Free Range Honey

TruBee Honey is actually called "free range." Are you thinking: "huh?" (we did too). Here's what free range means when it comes to honey: Tennessee Beekeepers Laura and Jeff put their “free-range” bees in places where they're not limited to any one particular tree or flower – instead, these bees feast upon tulip poplar, fruit blossoms and black locust in the spring, then wildflowers, herbs and clover in the summer.

So each jar of TruBee honey captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time. Take, for instance, TruBee's spring coastal honey and their summer wildflower honey. In the spring, scrappy plants that survive the winter like gallberry, a honeybee favorite in the holly family, are quick to bloom. It makes a delicious amber honey that's slow to crystallize. s the summer warms up, the plains and pastures of Tennessee fill with all kinds of blooms: Clover, purple thistle, gaillardia, dandelion, privet, aster and magnolia, as well as non-native herbs like rosemary, sage, lemon balm and lavender. The summer wildflower honey that results is bold, with a dominant note from clover, and a lighter, almost lemony tang that comes from the rich variety of plants in these bees' complex diets.

Pretty cool, right?

Watch the video to hear Laura and Jeff tell the story about how TruBee came to be.

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