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Watermelon Road Snack Co.

When Jamie Melzer noticed that her friends and family (including her husband) were developing allergies and autoimmune diseases in their 20’s, she began to investigate – and found overly processed foods to be the culprit. Her response? She began making all-natural fruit snacks that were as delicious as they were wholesome and nutritious.

Her fruit leather is a far cry from the fruit roll-ups of childhood lunches. Jamie uses organic and all-natural fruits and no refined sugars. To make the flavors shine, she simply pairs pineapple and watermelon with ingredients that bring out their natural sweetness and complexity – like lime juice and organic mint her in Pineapple Mojito and a touch of lemon juice in her Watermelon Lemonade.

The result is dried fruit that’s unlike anything we’ve tasted before. And we’re not alone – demand for her dried fruit jerky grew so fast that last year Jamie left her job as a Wall Street executive to focus on Watermelon Road full time.

Watermelon Road, take me home.