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Thumbs Cookies

Just as big things come in small packages, so big flavor comes in tiny cookies. The proof is Thumbs Cookies, made by Robyn Frank in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Robyn learned to make these one-bite thumb-sized cookies from her mother, Barb; now, she runs her own kitchen, making these lil cuties just like mom used to.

But the course of tiny cookies never did run smooth; Robyn didn’t start her career knowing she was going wind up a baker. She’d spent a year driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile across the country (“My mom's maiden name is Wiener,” she’s said, “and my last name is Frank...I've already been from wieners to franks!”), then moved to New York where she pursued an acting career and worked at a hotel. One day she made a batch of her minis for her boss, who loved them so much Robyn started making her cookies to sell at the hotel. She got such positive feedback, she began to sell at small stores throughout Brooklyn. Word about Thumbs spread, orders started pouring in and Thumbs transformed from a side-project into an endeavor that required her full attention.

To take her business to the next level, Robyn moved back to her hometown of Minneapolis, where she gets to work with her mother; together they now bake the cookies her mom taught her to make – though on a much larger scale. You can taste the buttery “mini cookie love” (as Robyn calls it) in every cookie...but good luck eating just one.