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The Good Batch

Anna Gordon bakes some very good batches indeed. As in, so good you could eat the whole batch. Her outrageously delicious treats stem from a mission that’s very simple by comparison: “bake pure, not overly sweet, delicious food.” That she chose the classic, ubiquitous, simple cookie to deliver on this mission is fitting – but her first venture into baking was with a more complicated cookie.

Inspired by her fiancé’s Dutch family and spurred by their requests, Anna began experimenting with making stroopwafels – chewy, thin waffle cookies with a caramel filling that gets delectably gooey when you set the cookie atop a steaming mug of coffee or tea. She had just graduated from Brooklyn’s Institute of Culinary Education, having moved to the city after studying English and Advertising at the University of Miami, and decided to put both her pastry and business knowledge to use by starting a small bakery. She knew she needed a niche, and stroopwafels turned out to be the perfect way to make a name for herself – despite their fussy, complex baking process. But once Anna proved she was up to the challenge, anything was fair game.

Next came a line of eye-popping stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches, and then an array of other impressive cookies with simple touches that send them over the edge into Great territory, like the subtle nutty notes and bright accent of salt in her Brown Butter Salty (we're shamelessly addicted to), or her absurdly good Honey Bear cookies – house-made honey and sea salt peanut butter sandwiched between chewy peanut-oat cookies. Ever since, Brooklynites and visitors have been lining up for their share of the batch each week at markets like Smorgasburg and the Brooklyn Flea, and Anna and her team are opening their first brick-and-mortar store in late summer/early fall 2014.