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The Barton Table

Back in the mid-80s, Mary-Wommack Barton would watch her father enjoy a nightly treat of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. His preference, by far, was the family’s super creamy, super chocolatey homemade version, but if the resident cooks weren’t around to stir up a batch, he’d turn to the store-bought.

Mary-Wommack didn’t want Dad to settle for anything less than delicious, so she did what a devoted daughter does and started a chocolate sauce business. Isn’t that what you’d do? In the summer of 2014, Mary-Wommack adapted the same recipe that they cooked on their stovetop for decades to make a 150-gallon batch and The Barton Table was jarred and born. (We can only imagine how incredible 150 gallons of cream, sugar, chocolate, butter and salt smells, by the way.)

Turns out other people love chocolate sauce as much as Mr. Barton! Great local demand in Austin, Texas meant that she needed to move to a commercial kitchen where higher quality, smaller batches could be made—by the truckload. That first Christmas season left Mary (and her many helpful elves) not knowing what hit them. Since then, they’ve become a well-oiled (buttered?) chocolate sauce-making machine and have even added a pepperminty twist to their original. 

Nightly ice cream sundaes for everyone! The world’s greatest daughter contest has some stiff competition.