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Jessica Koslow has been many things. Figure skater, line cook, TV producer, and now, masterful jam maker. One taste of the jam and you'll be sure she’s found her true calling. Koslow had an idyllic childhood in LA – growing up on the street where Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed, and working hard in her free time on the ice rink. She was first introduced to the art of preservation at Bacchanalia in Atlanta, where she took a job after having a (literally) life-altering meal. Working in the pastry kitchen as a line cook, one of her main tasks was making preserves for the evenings’ desserts.

After a stint as a producer on American Idol (seriously, this girl has done it all) she found herself back in LA, where California’s abundant produce inspired her to try her hand at preserving again. She works with local farms – nothing more than 350 miles from her canning kitchen, including the pectin, which she is dedicated to making herself. She uses rare fruits and varietals as much as possible, resurrecting sweet, forgotten treasures. Each batch is cooked “low and slow” in heavy copper pans, which ensure that heat is evenly distributed and fruit is cooked gently. 

Now she’s focused on moving Sqirl forward with a new shop in Silver Lake where she serves her preserves in a myraid of preparations. Her creations shine, and she shares images and torturous (for those of us 3,000 miles away in New York) descriptions of her latest lunch specials on twitter and instagram, truly inspiring. As Jessica says, “Sqirl --- it's the jam.”