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SPARQ Home was originally founded on one mission – to preserve soapstone quarries around the world. Think about it: For a kitchen counter or other stone countertops, you need a large, flawless, continuous slab, which is really hard to come by. Everything else harvested from a quarry is considered “scraps” and left behind.

Steven Chavez and Justin English teamed up to regain control of soapstone waste and make use of those “scraps” as elegant, eco-friendly home goods. One of their first major discoveries was that the stone has powerful thermal properties. Translation: It can maintain warm or cold temperatures, like your favorite thermos. So Steven and Justin created a line of soapstone drink chillers, snifters and decanters, then moved on to stainless steel product designs to expand the business even further.

We’re proud to carry SPARQ Home’s set of stylish whiskey glasses complete with soapstone chillers that keep our whiskey cool AND avoid the need for diluting ice. Killing two birds with one soapstone, eh?

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