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Southern Culture

Erica Barrett, founder and CEO of Southern Culture, knows good food.

She started her brand after visiting a grocery store and noticing that there was a lack of quality breakfast products on the shelf. Stale pancake mix? No, thank you. And where was a traditional cornbread like the one her mama used to make? So, she decided to start making her own. In the South, many cooks don’t like selling their secrets, but Erica is all about spreading love – and knows that the best way to do that is through food.

Erica built her company from the ground up, inspired by the traditional Southern recipes she learned from her mother. Armed with her passion and her finger lickin’ recipes, she then went to culinary business school in New York to learn the other side of running a small business.

If she looks familiar, it’s probably because she’s appeared on the famous ABC show “Shark Tank”, where she went head-to-head with the Sharks and received two offers. She most recently appeared on CNBC's The Profit with Marcus Limonus. He worked with her to help tweak her product line, packaging and overall business plan. If you caught the episode, you might have noticed them pitching us at Mouth HQ, in fact. (That was a deeeelicious day!)

But at the end of the day, even after all her success, Erica’s values have never changed: Southern Culture is, first and foremost, all about paying homage to her strong Southern roots. And with easy-to-use mixes like Banana Pudding Pancake and Waffle Mix, Sweet Alabama Cornbread Mix, her Original Fried Chicken and Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Mix, all our kitchens can now smell as good as her mama’s did.

Now can someone please pass the honey and hot sauce?