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Sonoma County Distilling Co.

It might seem unlikely for innovative Californians to buck modern trends in favor of traditional techniques, but at Sonoma County Distilling Company, they are eschewing the newfangled for the time-honored in their craft whiskey production.

In a bucolic area that’s better known as winemaking territory, Adam Spiegel, who trained with well-known French master distiller and California distilling pioneer Hubert Germain-Robin, founded Sonoma County Distilling Co. in 2010 with a two-part goal: 1) to produce high-quality whiskeys for the discerning whiskey drinker, and 2) to prove that traditionally made whiskeys are still possible in modern times.

Just like discriminating foodies want farm-to-table fare, whiskey lovers want grain-to-glass spirits. And Spiegel gives us just that, ensuring that every step of the operation in his small but fine product line is done in-house, from mashing to fermenting to direct-fire distilling to barrel-aging to hand-bottling and labeling. “Whiskey is made from grain, water and yeast. No additives, bought barrels, colorings or flavorings.”

We’ll drink to that.

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