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What makes for a SlantShack?

1. A guy (Joshua Kace) with a “passion for meat treats.” 2. A Jersey City post-college apartment literally slanted at a 10-degree angle. 3. Nine under-employed meat lovers. 4. A dehydrator. 5. Late night kitchen jerking…around.

Joshua, Lev, Alexander, Christian, Douglas, Elizabeth, Caryn, Lea and David work in diverse fields (from engineering to PR to banking), but united to form SlantShack, which partners with a Vermont farm called Highland Cattle Co. (Joshua loves to snowboard, so that works out well.) The beef is both grass-fed AND grain-fed. There are 60 off-kilter flavor combinations, some even glazed with sugar (candy jerky, however, was scrapped).

COO David would love to see SlantShack sold in gas stations across the country. But the Jersey City, New Jersey shack will never change its friendly, slanted model (even thought Joshua has upgraded to a place where nothing rolls but business).

As Joshua’s said, "It's very much just us getting together and having fun."