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Leave it to a designer who grew up in Sweden and lived in Italy to come up with our favorite whiskey glasses.

Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro moved to Florence, Italy in 2000, where he studied Interior and Industrial Design at Accademia Italiana. He then spent time working for a wide range of design firms, from automotive companies in Sweden to interior and lighting design companies in California. 

In the mid-2000s he founded Sempli so he could focus on his true passion: creating glassware, lighting and kitchen accessories that emphasize his unique Italian/Swedish design heritage.

We’re especially enamored with his expertly crafted whiskey glasses. The contemporary design of Sempli’s Cupa Whiskey Glasses creates a swirling rotation when set down, which does fancy things like assist the oxygenation of the spirit you’re sipping, aka “opens it up.” So they’re functional, aesthetically pleasing and literally make whiskey your sipping on taste better! Win-win. 

While living in Italy, Danne became intimately familiar with wine (duh!) and realized how important the glass was to the drinking experience. He wanted this superior experience with every beverage he came across, and thus the Cupa-Rocks Whiskey glass was born.

So Danne, thank you/graze/tak for making sure we can get our rocks off!