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Cara Nicoletti seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, Seymour, who ran his family’s butcher shop for 60 years. She definitely made a name for herself as a clever-wielding female in an otherwise male-centric industry, working in well-known shops such as the Meat Hook in Brooklyn, nabbing frequent press mentions, and authoring a memoir/cookbook called Voracious. 

Drawn to whole animal butchery (which focuses on using each and every part), she was struck by the unsustainable practice of customers coming in daily to purchase big hunks of meat. Her solve—stay with us—was to place an emphasis on sausages, which make savvy use of off-cuts of proteins that can be further supplemented by a variety of fillers.

Granted, "fillers" is traditionally a dirty word in sausage-making, bringing to mind unappetizing add-ins like sawdust (yes, that’s a thing). Yet in Cara’s case, the extras are vegetables...and lots of ‘em. Incorporating produce ups the nutritional quotient, makes her meat considerably more eco-friendly, and pays off dividends in terms of flavor. In fact, gathering up to-be-discarded bounties of vegetables from greenmarkets at the end of the day inspired some of Cara’s best-selling flavors. Withered bunches of carrots, celery, and dill turned into matzo  ball soup-infused sausages, while bruised tomatoes and basil became chicken parm. 

Her company, Seemore, may be named after and inspired by her grandfather, but there’s nothing old-school about this modern-minded maker. Not only is Cara the founder of one of the first and only women-owned and operated butcher businesses in the United States, she’s poised to change the way that America consumes meat.