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Salty Road

Marisa Wu’s stretched herself by leaving a career in TV and film production to work in food, at places such as Meat Hook, Rockaway’s Veggie Island, Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Liddabit Sweets. A few summers ago, she stretched herself again – literally.

Some friends with a beachside organic produce stand in Far Rockaway were hoping to sell salt water taffy, so Marisa decided to try her hand. And arm. As she says, “it was love at first pull.”

The process requires a lot of time and physical force, as the candy mixture is boiled, cooled, flavored, salted, hand-pulled, cut and wrapped. “My arms get stronger and stronger!” Marisa loves classic flavors like vanilla (with whole vanilla bean scraped into every batch) and is proud of the out-of-the-box bergamot. She’s experimenting with fruit purees, which change the texture of the candy. And, yes, there is actual salt in her salt water taffy!

The taffy is nothing like the bland touristy standard you’ve brought back from the Jersey Shore. It has an almost ice-creamy texture with an intense, addictive flavor.

And we can’t help it – we’re crazy for the turquoise stripes.