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Ruby Bay Seafood

Greenpoint's own Ruby Bay Seafood, part of Acme Smoked Fish, was started in the early 1900's when Harry Brownstein came to New York from Russia and found a job as a 'wagon jobber,' picking up fish from a smokehouse, loading it on to his horse-drawn wagon, and hand-delivering to small city grocers and appetizing stores. Eventually, he started smoking his own fish and built a business which has been lovingly passed down to his son-in-law Rubin Caslow, then grandsons Eric and Robert Caslow and Mark and Gary Brownstein, and now great-grandchildren including David Caslow and Emily Caslow. 

Grandson Robert Caslow reflects: “When I came into the business 37 years ago, there were maybe 10 big smokehouses in Brooklyn. We were just one of them, trying to make a living. Now we’re the only big player left. I really believe that our family’s cohesiveness, and our collective attention to detail have been the driving forces behind our success. All of us come to work every day, and it sets a certain tone for our employees.” Emily Caslow points to Brooklyn: “Greenpoint is where our roots are, and our proximity...allows us to stay close to our customers and distribute goods to them on short notice.” Great-grandson David agrees: "We’re a close knit group, we work very well together. In my family, it’s what every body does."

The family goes to great lengths to make sure all their products begin with the freshest, finest quality, raw fish. After being cleaned and filleted, the salmon is cured for up to a week with ingredients like salt and sugar and seasonings for the various flavor profiles. Then it's cold-smoked over wood chips at temperatures around 72°F for 8 to 24 hours.

The Wild King Salmon Jerky is a brand-new product launched in 2012, made from wild-caught Alaska king salmon which has smoked slowly for hours using cherry and alder woods giving it an “intense, aromatic and mildly woodsy taste.”

The family is excited to get it out there and raves that it's “a delicacy ideal for foodies and adventure seekers on-the-go. King salmon jerky is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D."

They're right – we love it.