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Pehr Designs

We love love (even when it’s platonic!), we love great design and we especially love adorable things made for babies, so it’s no surprise we’re totally smitten with Pehr.

The modern home accessory line based in Canada was founded in 2010 by long-time friends Jennifer Kelly and Rebecca Perren. The name “Pehr” is a play off “pair,” which reflects the duos life-long friendship and the idea that you can pair the designs and colors in their collections to create your own look. They offer everything from cloth storage bins, pillows, tablecloths, throws and, of course, stylish-yet-functional baby essentials (even mobiles!). Whatever you want, baby they’ve got it. Plus, everything is designed in Canada and made responsibly in India, which we love. 

In 2013, Jen and Becca’s families began to grow (yes, at the same time!) which created the impetus to launch Petit Pehr, their children’s collection. We’re totally goo-goo eyed over everything in the collection, especially their sweet, 100% muslin swaddling cloths. Swaddling is the age-old practice of wrapping infants in blankets to restrict their limbs, which helps them relax and sleep – woo hoo! Perfect for soothing little bundles of joy (especially when they're not feeling particularly joy-full).

Not only are Becca and Jen great friends, they’re also great business partners. Becca’s background is in the fashion and housewares industry and Jen comes from the marketing and advertising world, so each contribute something unique to the mix. 

They are truly a great… ahem, Pehr!