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Ovum Wines

Husband-and-wife team John and Ksenja House had a dream to make old world, European-style Rieslings and Gewürztraminers… in America!

They had a hunch that the climate of Oregon would be similar to Germany, so they moved to the Pacific Northwest to find out. They founded Ovum in 2011 with the philosophy that it’s the journey that matters. They experimented with producing wines from all regions in Oregon and planted old vines and unexpected vineyard sites. After a few successful harvests, they could confidently say that their hunch was right. Their Riesling and Gewürztraminer vines totally thrived in the cool, Oregon climate, resulting in elegant, nuanced whites that rival the best you can find in Germany.

Ovum has mastered the art of making old-world wines in the modern world. They use low-intervention methods (like harvesting the grapes by hand and minimizing the use of machines), wild yeast fermentation (which gives each wine a unique sense of terroir) and neutral acacia and oak barrels and concrete “eggs” to age their wines. Each wine is produced in exactly the same way, which lets each vintage speak for itself – beautiful imperfections and all.

The journey was great, but we’re loving the destination.