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Other Brother

While Ben Herrmann and Evan Loewy share no DNA, they both have olive oil in their blood. The friends grew up among the trees of Evan’s family’s Carmel Valley, California estate – and were able to learn the ins and outs of small-scale agriculture and olive oil production. Both pursued corporate careers after college for a few years (Evan at Nike and Ben at Google) before returning to their roots and their shared passion for food (doused liberally in olive oil, no doubt), launching Other Brother in 2012.

Based in San Francisco, Ben and Evan work with growers from six different organic, pesticide-free olive groves located along the California Coast from Templeton to Carmel Valley (including the Loewy Family’s original estate). The names of the olive varieties they harvest (Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Arbequina and Koroneiki) for their cold-pressed extra virgin oil sound downright melodic, best said followed by a kiss of the fingertips. (Mwah!)

With only the two of them at the helm and a 5 am wake-up call every morning during harvest, Ben and Evan depend on their family – we’re talking eight brothers and sisters plus a bevy of nieces and nephews between them! They also rely on local chefs, artists and brands to help produce their small line of organic goods that’re delicious and good for you – “Good goods” as Evan and Ben refer to them. It’s a phrase that’s printed on the side of all their fun, retro-inspired bottles and tins and reflects their collective ethos: Work hard and with pride to make the best product possible in the best way possible

Clearly, olive oil runs thicker than water too!

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