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One Culture Foods

One Culture Foods is all about celebrating the diverse flavors Hansen Shieh grew up with in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles. Hansen (aka the “Sauce Boss”) wanted to share his passion for the “bold, spicy, in-your-face flavors” he knows and loves, and broaden the exposure of those global ingredients by delivering them in delicious, well-balanced sauces.

We’re really grateful he was compelled to share because we’ll admit it: We aren’t trained chefs, and the idea of tackling the kind of sauces One Culture Foods has mastered is a little daunting. They’d require a trek to a specialty market and buying 45 ingredients we haven’t heard of before and won’t use again for a while.

But, thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that, because the folks at One Culture Foods have done all the hard work for us!

We also are crushing hard on the name Hansen picked. Many of One Culture’s sauces have a fermented base (traditional in Chinese cuisine) so, of course, we’re totally into the double meaning of “One Culture Foods,” which plays on Hansen’s cultural heritage, and the literal cultures that exist in his products because of fermentation!

Oh, how we love a good pun. And sauce. We love a good sauce.