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Nunu Chocolates


Justine Pringle was trained as a scientist and worked in waste management and healthcare when she started making chocolate. “Nunu” is an affectionate nickname Justine’s mother called her during her childhood in Africa and now it’s the name of her thriving chocolate shop and kitchen on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

For Justine, the love of chocolate comes second to the scientific process of making it. She loves that it’s sensitive to temperature and humidity. “You think you can control it and you can’t. You have to manipulate it.”

Nunu uses a single-origin cocoa bean derived from a Trintario and Criollo hybrid that she sources from a sustainable, family-run farm in eastern Colombia. It takes about an hour and a half to make a salt caramel. Once the caramel has cooled for another hour, it’s cut into cubes and hand-dipped in tempered chocolate and sprinkled with fleur de sel. 

Musician-husband Andy handles the business and communications side of the business and is there to answer when Justine inevitably asks, “How would this taste dipped in chocolate?”

Justine’s motto: The best way to enjoy our chocolates is to eat them. This is not a stamp collection.