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North River Dry Goods

David Enteman has a passion for snacking.  Better snacking, that began in a little West Village, New York City kitchen just blocks from the Hudson River (once called the North River), where his crunchy split peas were perfected. He picked the name “North River Dry Goods” as a throwback to the good ole days when food was simpler.

For centuries, peas have been used as a crucial source of protein and are an awesome crop for the earth (they actually return nutrients to the soil!), plus they taste oh so lovely when toasted. So why not snack on them.

Not only do we adore David’s split-peas, we totally heart his philosophy: "By keeping food simple, we're keeping your mouth and body happy.” With this in mind, he transforms humble garden peas with a few high-quality ingredients into something extraordinary. Packed with nutrients, protein (7 grams per serving!), and fiber, these addictive treats make for totally guilt-free snacking.

Pop the Sea Salt Crunchy Split Peas in your mouth for a salty crunchy bite, or go for the Smoky Crunchy Split Peas, which are loaded with spices like paprika and chipotle. Easy peasy.