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My Friend Who Loves to Cook

So many of Samantha Williams’ recipe-seeking friends referred to her as “my friend who loves to cook” that when it came time to name her food company in 2013, she knew just what to call it.

By that time, she’d revamped her husband’s Sunday morning pancake ritual into a nourishing one for their family (rather than one that left them feeling sluggish and hungry an hour later). By milling handfuls of nine organic grains (we’re talking wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley, brown rice, oats, spelt, milo, cornmeal and flax), she created a flour base to use for flapjacks that proved both delicious and nutritious – a winning combination that she was proud to pass along to friends.

Soon “friends” came out of the woodwork. That’ll happen when you’re as likable as Sam and peddling a great product at the bustling farmer’s market in East Nashville, Tennessee. Soon, her one-cup countertop coffee grinder just couldn’t keep up. A successful Kickstarter earned her a commercial-sized mill and the funds necessary for permits, charming letterpressed fabric bags and, of course, many more of those locally sourced organic grains that make Sam’s pancakes – that she describes as “heavier than a regular pancake but lighter than a hoecake with a delightful flavor and hearty texture” – so awesome. 

Sunday mornings still mean pancakes (or waffles since the mix does double duty) at Sam’s house and thanks to our friend that likes to cook, any morning can be a Sunday morning at ours too.