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Mary Elizabeth Arts

It was a trip to Sicily to study ancient cave paintings that unearthed Mary Elizabeth’s desire to create functional works of art. She came across shards of hand-painted Greek pottery and all of a sudden the oil and canvas paintings that she had studied as a fine art student paled in comparison. Not only were the pottery pieces incredibly beautiful, but they were also useful for eating and drinking – her second favorite subject!

Back in her studio in Chapel Hill, N.C., Mary began painting on canvas and glass, using all of her senses to create unique platters and glasses that elevate the humble weeknight dinner into something more special. Her designs – flowers, ferns, peacock feathers, trees branches, birds etc. – all reflect the colors, lines, light and textures that she finds so enchanting about food and drink.

Intent to bring artful living to everyday life, Mary launched a line of durable, dishwasher-safe screen-printed glasses that are no less stunning than her hand-painted line. She made them to use – not to gather dust in your cabinet – and loves that this functional medium allows so many people to experience her art. In fact, Mary puts so much of herself into every creation that she likes to imagine herself as a dinner guest at tables all over the world. Cheers to dream jobs!     

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