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Lone Mountain Wagyu

Happy cows don't just make great cheese — they also, unsurprisingly, make great jerky! The ranchers at Lone Mountain believe in natural and humane treatment of their animals, which are grazed on non-irrigated pasture throughout the year and rotated through different pastures to improve the ranch land ecosystem and diversity. Alfafa hay purchased from local farmers to supplements the pasture when there aren't sufficient grasses.

We're pretty impressed, not just with their farming practices (or, you know, the incredibly delicious steaks) but also with all the ways they try to have a positive impact on the land. Lone Mountain's water supply is powered with windmills; the pastures are lined with solar-powered electric fences; the cattle are never fed hormones or antibiotics (unless an animal is sick and being treated by a veterinarian).

And we shouldn't forget to mention that their cattle are all DNA-certified, 100% full-blood Wagyu.