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Matt Licklider and Kevin O’Connor met in Los Angeles in 2001 at Wolfgang Puck’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Spago Beverly Hills. At the time Matt was the wine director and Kevin was national director for a wine importer. Tastings occurred in the back alley behind the restaurant – the rain gutter worked as a great spittoon! Tastings led to conversations about winemaking and a fast friendship flourished. From there, they decided to combine their passion, expertise – and last names – to create a winery called LIOCO.

With European wines as an , their journey began with the production of terroir driven wines in California. It has continued with their pursuit of finding distinctive vineyards with tough soil and old vines to source their grapes from. Currently, they use vineyards from three counties - Sonoma, Mendocino and Santa Cruz. Matt and Kevin's mission to create wines that express the natural beauty of the fruit's origin is achieved through shepherding the grapes with as little manipulation as possible. 

A great wine begins in the vineyard, and that’s exactly what we are reminded of every time we pop the cork on one of LIOCO's bottles. Cheers!