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Lawless Jerky

Lawless Jerky FounderMatt Tolnick fought the law and the law won.

His passion for jerky went back to his college days, when he got addicted to store-bought jerky as the perfect weight-lifting supplement. Then he and his roommates stumbled across a food dehydrator at Walmart. Why were they buying all of this beef jerky when they could make it? They split the cost and took it back to their room, where Matt became the point-person for the dorm's cottage jerky industry. Between economics and public policy classes, Matt experimented with recipes, teaching himself to make jerky from lean steak, flavored with fresh marinades. 

After college, Matt moved to Los Angeles for law school, then starting working as a litigator. He soon realized the law wasn't for him, and as he came to terms with this change in his life, he became obsessed with perfecting his beef jerky recipes in his tiny Santa Monica kitchen. He put Lawless Jerky on Kickstarter and raised $30,000, more than twice his original goal. 

Now, instead of being just another unhappy lawyer, Matt is making himself and fellow law-abiding meat lovers happy with his incredibly delicious, boldly flavored beef jerky. 

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