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Kansas City Canning Co.

Old traditions meet new flavors in Kansas City Canning Co.’s jars. Partners Tim and Laura Tuohy seek out the most local, seasonal and unique ingredients they can find for their pickles, preserves and shrubs, then can them for year round enjoyment - just like in the olden days.

Both Tim and Laura were raised canning with their grandmothers: Tim in New Jersey (where they canned tomatoes for Sunday sauce) and Laura on her grandmother’s farm in Kansas (where they canned everything). The two met in New York City, while Tim was getting his degree at the Institute of Culinary Education. When they moved into an apartment in Queens that had a cherry tree in the backyard, they started harvesting the fruit, making shrubs and pies, and having a lot of fun doing it.

When they moved to Kansas City in 2012, they continued canning fruit together. For their wedding they made clementine-thyme marmalade, which they mixed into bourbon cocktails and gave out as favors. Everyone loved the stuff, from the caterer to the guests, and it got Tim and Laura thinking: what if they did this for real? What if they turned their hobby into a full-fledged company? Seven months later, Kansas City Canning Co. was born.

Every jar Tim and Laura make is hand-packed and hand-labeled, for truly handcrafted products and pickles that are 100% dill-ish, and truly a labor of their love.