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Jan's Farmhouse

Jan Gorham has three boys who simply won't stop. Extremely active, they're drawn to the outdoors around their Stowe, Vermont, home. Jan was met with a problem that many a parent has faced: how does a mom fuel her kids while not falling prey to unhealthy, highly processed foods? An even bigger ask—how would she make something tasty that their picky mouths would willingly eat?

It was a mountain of a task. Jan fashions herself a bit of a foodie, so she wasn't about to bend to artificial or processed ingredients. Working by hand in small batches, she experimented with ingredients such as cranberry, pistachio, salted almond and toasted sesame seeds. To pack in the protein for her boys, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds were blended into the mix. Then, to satisfy their need for extra crispy, crunchy foods, she decided to double-bake the crackers (which is why they're so dark and so so munchable).

Jan likes to say that she was inspired by her boys' love of the fresh mountain air to create the pure, crisp crackers. And there's no doubt that these little guys are down-home delicious. After first making the snack for her boys, word quickly got out that Mrs. Gorham was whipping up something pretty unique from her home kitchen. Her small business in Vermont has grown into a busy commercial bakery, filled with a team of dedicated cracker-crafters. She's even won Gold at the sofi Awards for best cracker. That's what we call cracking down on the competition.