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Harper Macaw

Is chocolate that’s environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and eye-rollingly delicious too good to be true? Not when a chocolate maker from Sao Paolo and a U.S. Marines veteran with a mission to protect and restore Brazil’s rainforests team up.

Husband-and-wife Sarah and Colin Hartman started Harper Macaw in Washington, D.C. in late 2015 “to turn chocolate into a force for tropical reforestation.” No small feat, mind you (#goals), but one to which they are fiercely committed. By directly sourcing cacao beans from farms that practice sustainable agroforestry, the Hartmans are able to compensate producers for their extra attention to detail by paying a premium well above fair trade and market rates.

What this means for us chocolate nerds is that the beans are (and always will be) the best they can buy. What it also means is that we know exactly where their chocolate began.

Back at the factory, the Hartmans and their small team combine state-of-the-art technology with European traditions to make chocolate with extraordinary aromas, flavors and textures in varying percentages. Using nothing more than cocoa and cane sugar (plus milk in the lighter shades), they let their Brazilian beans tell the story. And knowing that millions of livelihoods rely on cacao production and that cacao production is dependent on the health of the tropics, that’s a story that feels as good as chocolate melting in your mouth. 

To sweeten the mood during the 2016 election, Harper Macaw teamed with creative agency, Design Army, to produce a six-bar set of politically themed chocolate bars. Their tongues were surely planted firmly in their cheeks as they conceived and named each unique concoction. We might not agree on politics, but it’s unanimous that this chocolate is well worth the indulgence. 


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