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Grove 45

The ladies behind Grove 45 prove that experience and hard work really do pay off. When they decided to start their own olive oil company, Nena Talcott and Bonnie Storm had a collective 45 years of experience in the olive oil industry.

Nena and Bonnie came of age immersed in the Napa Valley world of agriculture, wine and olive oil, and each made their name on the olive oil scene. But by 2006, they were each at their own crossroads: Nena had sold her vineyards and groves but found herself missing the community, while Bonnie was tired of doing all the work herself and just about ready to call it quits. Thankfully, a discussion one afternoon yielded the idea for Grove 45 EVOO.

Their groves are on Bonnie's ranch in a remote corner of the Napa Valley, full of Italian variety trees Bonnie imported in 1994. The duo is highly involved in almost every aspect of the oil production, from driving the tractor to selling and delivering the goods. They paid special attention to the packaging, which they wanted to showcase the oil in the best possible way. They went with a sleek aluminum bottle with a food grade liner and embossed pewter label (which they apply by hand!).

As robust, fruit, spicy and amazingly high-quality their olive oil is, we think the passionate women behind Grove 45 are even more impressive.