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Grey Ghost Bakery

Katherine Frankstone knows that the taste of a truly good cookie should haunt you – and maybe even keep you up at night. That’s why the named her cookie company after the local ghost. Katherine grew up spending summers in South Carolina, trading ghost stories with family before heading inside to bake from time-tested family recipes.

When Katherine was in college, her mom always knew when she had an exam because she'd find her baking cookies (instead of studying). As it turns out, she wasn't slacking, she was simply cramming for her future career. By the time she had kids of her own, Frankstone had a rep for turning out ghoulishly good cookies.

Legend has it that the "Gray Man" or "Grey Ghost" of Pawley’s Island is a friendly one, who warns townspeople of impending storms. Katherine must be on his good side; every time she bakes up a storm, her handmade cookies become legends in their own right. After recruiting her college freshman son and his hall mates to perform rigorous taste testing (what an assignment!), she launched Grey Ghost Bakery.

Katherine may have inherited the entrepreneurial gene from her grandparents, who founded an insurance company in the Great Depression. News of her fabulous cookies spread far and wide, from the Carolina Lowcountry all the way to England, where apparently the cookies are a hit (hint: they go well with tea!).

Really, there was no ghostly intercession necessary. Handmade in small batches in tempting flavors such as molasses spice and lemon sugar, how could anyone not love these cookies?

Are you sick of cookies yet?

I do still eat cookies...but I don't eat them as often as I used to.  People ask me which is my favorite and that's like picking your favorite child...can't really do that.  All I can say is that these cookies all are my favorites at different times of the day. 

Any baking disasters?

We haven't had any huge baking disasters to share, but we have learned along the way that cutting corners with ingredients doesn't work at all.  We also have donated more than a few cookies to food banks when we forgot to set the timer on the oven--it's amazing what a difference just a minute makes in baking time!