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It’s hard not to automatically like people who share a job objective of “adding yummy to life.”

Despite this common ground, the Brooklyn-based pair that launched Filfil Foods in 2012 don’t go way back. They weren’t childhood friends or even college roommates. No, Einav Sharon and Jeff Silva met through their cats. They’d follow their wandering felines into the hallway of their apartment building and chitchat a bit. Israeli-born Einav had been busy perfecting her filfel chuma, a pepper and garlic paste popular in North Africa and throughout the Middle East, and invited Jeff to taste it. The San Diego native loved it (duh) and the newfound friends hatched a plan to bring it to the world.

Einav and Jeff tweaked the authentic recipe in small ways—by toning down the garlic and omitting the caraway—to appeal to American palates. They also worked to make the consistency more liquid-y, like something that could be squeezed out of a bottle. Finally, the seventh version met their vision and the yummy adding began. 

But tastiness isn’t the only thing this saucy duo finds important—healthy and natural ingredients are always front of mind too. The 20 cloves of garlic in each bottle (and that’s the toned down version!) are from Gilroy, California, garlic capital of America. Garlic gets high marks for lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol levels and boosting natural immunity. The canola oil Einav and Jeff use is a hard-to-find non-GMO, expeller-pressed version. Plus, unlike sugar- and sodium-laden sriracha and ketchup, there’s not a gram of sugar and only one-percent sodium in their good-on-everything No.7 sauce.    

Delicious and nutritious? Not only is our life totally yummier doused in Filfil, but it’s healthier too thanks to Einav and Jeff (and their cats).