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Fika is a Swedish verb that translates to “take a coffee break,” usually accompanied by something sweet and delicious. While most Americans take their coffee to go, fika is an important daily ritual for Swedes who like to take a moment to indulge in conversation (sounds great to us!). The coffee-centric lifestyle was the inspiration behind Lars Åkerlund when he founded the very first FIKA espresso bar, right off the southern tip of New York’s Central Park, in 2006.

FIKA handcrafts every sweet and savory treat in-house, all examples of what you might come across if your Swedish great-grandmother decided to host a pastry party, but always with a modern, innovative touch.

The team at FIKA – including master chocolatier Håkan Mårtensson, pastry chef Josefine Baummann and executive pastry chef and baker Robert Tell – like to think of themselves as a company-slash-cultural-ambassador with Scandinavian roots and traditions, plus Manhattan flair. “At FIKA, we believe each coffee break and every meal should be an experience out of the ordinary.”

Oh, we’ve definitely been transported.