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Farmer Freed

Farmer Emily Jane Free (aka Farmer Freed) was raised on good food. Her parents taught her to cook with produce fresh from the local farmers’ market and fresh fish from the local “fish man,” and to make yogurt and cookies at home.

These days, Emily plays in the dirt for a living. No, really. She’s in charge of regional production of culinary herbs, edible flowers and vegetables at an organic farming cooperative in Santa Cruz, California. And her life with plants and vegetables has spread even farther afield, inspiring her to start Farmer Freed, a special brand of culinary salt blends.

The idea for Farmer Freed happened one fateful night when Emily dropped a handful of herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, to be exact) into a bowl of Kosher salt. She first tried the blend sprinkled over locally grown popcorn, then started handing out samples to friends around town. Emily’s super popular culinary salt blends are now on grocery store shelves around Santa Cruz and the greater Bay Area, and we are so thrilled to stock them (and have ’em in our own spice cabinets!).